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Michelle Miller Howard

TruthQuest History and high school

We also discussed this issue in our Frequently Asked Questions section: "High School and TruthQuest History: Is it enough? How can credits be assigned?"

Rule Left God's Law

Kim from Arkansas says:

"I have used TruthQuest History for all of our high school history (I have 11th and 12th graders), and am going to use it for a 9th grade history class I will be teaching at a private Classical Christian school next fall. In my opinion, there is no comparison of TQH with any other program. TQH is the only one that pulls together all the information and activity going on throughout the world...and puts it all in context, without me spending hours (that I don't have) digging in my reference books."

D.Z. from Iowa says:

"There is absolutely NO need to try to do more history than TQH in the high school years; it is very thorough and way more than "adequate" for meeting high school requirements. I would stay “stellar” would be a better word! We have used TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution, and think it is fabulous for the high-school years! So much "worldview" is woven in, as we look at what was happening in people's hearts, how that affected their choices, and therefore the direction of their entire country!"

Valerie from Canada says:

"I have used TruthQuest History with my older son and found it not only helps us understand the times, but evaluate them in the light of God's Word...which is the point!"

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