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Michelle Miller Howard

Are particular resources required? Will I have trouble finding the recommended resources?

TruthQuest History does not lead you through certain books. It leads you through history, using living books−whichever books are available to you. You do not need to find particular books! That is exactly the pressure we wish to take off you! Therefore, TruthQuest History lists the best in-print and out-of-print books on each topic. No particular books must be read; whatever is available to you is just fine. You, the parent, must not feel anxiety if you're unable to find the exact books listed in the guide, for there are no 'musts' and no worries!

"I am able to borrow all the books I need from my library and we have adored all our books."
     — J.K., Indiana

Why? This "I-want-everything-just-perfect-so-I-can-feel-secure" anxiety can actually hurt your own cause by returning you to textbooks or more limited curricula, which are the only alternatives if you're not going to try to locate the best your library has to offer, whether recommended in TruthQuest History or not.

But TruthQuest History does make it easy for you to find the best books at your library. How? Our updated reading lists include the most recent books likely to found at your library, we still mention the older gems your library may yet be holding, and the TruthQuest History chronology at least lets you know which topic to cover so you can use whatever your library does have. You can probably search and reserve books through your library's online catalog right from your own home! And…many out-of-print books are now available for online reading! A whole new realm of resources opens easily this way. (A full list of such resources is in the FILES section of our online discussion loop, HIStoryQuesters via Maybe a “living books library” (some are listed below) is in your area, or perhaps local parochial/private schools, churches, or the education department of a nearby college have quality book collections. Remember, you do not have to use the same books mentioned in TQH; just find anything on that topic. The booklists are to serve you, and to show you all the possibilities... not to enslave you.

Lastly, the commentary in TruthQuest History subtly conveys the most important principles, so if you're totally unable to find a good resource on a topic, you can burrow deeper into the commentary and find a great deal of value right there. Remember, you can always check an encyclopedia or textbook if you need to. That's all you might have been doing without TruthQuest History anyway. Now it's your last resort, not your main dish! So, don't worry, be happy!

Though it's not necessary, you may wish to join the many homeschool families who enjoy adding precious, older books to their home libraries. Several homeschool families search for these gems, then offer them for sale at incredibly reasonable prices! We've included some of their websites below, but please note we are not financially connected, nor do we take any responsibility for transactions. We've had great experiences with the ones we've used, though!

Or, you may be especially blessed to live near a special homeschool library which offers the best out-of-print gems.  The following libraries have allowed us to list their locations here:


Children's Treasury Library


Treasured Pages Library
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Treasure House: A Living Library (Evergreen, informally lending at this time)
Evergreen, CO

The Story Keep (South Denver area, informally lending)
Beth Hollman


Living Learning Libraries (northern West Palm Beach/Jupiter area)
Michelle Howard Miller (also operates Children's Preservation Library in Michigan)
Instagram: Living_Learning_Libraries

Stafford book collection
Monticello, FL


Hall's Living Library (NW Atlanta area)
Dallas, GA
734-925-0032, Sandy Hall
Hall's Living Library
Facebook Group: "Hall's Living Library, Dallas, GA"
25 year veteran homeschool mom. 6000+ living books
Blog/Book reviews:

Warner Robbins, GA (Middle Georgia, informally lending)
Dena Sue Watts
(478) 365 8354


Grayslake Homeschool Library (informally sharing, mostly books for young students)
Grayslake, IL (northwest Chicago area, Lake County)


Living Hearth (Fishers/Indianapolis)


Redeemed Reads Family Library (Olathe, KS)


Living Pages Library
Wilmore, KY
Librarian@LivingPagesLibrary. com

Heart for Education Library (Louisville area)
Safe reading material for you and your children
(502) 639-7581


Kingfield area
Collection of Twitchell family, informally lending


Central Maryland Homeschool Library
Kristi Stansfield
Mount Airy, MD


Children's Preservation Library (Traverse City, MI)
Michelle Howard Miller (also operates Living Learning Libraries in Florida)
1020 Hastings St, Suite 103
Traverse City, MI  49686
Instagram: LIving_Learning_Libraries

Children's Friendship Library
Lynn Verley
Oxford, Michigan (Detroit/Flint area)

HSB Library (Wyoming, MI)


C. Lyons
Windham, NH


Wisdom Roots Library
Hamilton, NJ (also serving eastern Pennsylvania)


Open most Tuesdays during school year 9-3

The Three Owls (informally lending)
Ithaca, NY 14850

The Fireside Family Library (Long Island)
Paul and Donna Olson

Sarah Mershon

Hilda Rebecca (eastern North Carolina)


Mary Schubert (SE Oklahoma City area, lending informally)


Heritage Homeschool Lending (Bedford, PA)
Musser Family

Sarah Mershon (Lititz, PA, near Lancaster, PA)

Limberlost Living Books
400 Harvest Moon Drive
Longs SC 29568
(843) 756-0711


Children's Legacy Library (Rogersville, NE TN)

Ensor's Books
Smyrna, TN (Middle TN)


Meriadoc Homeschool Library
Sherry Early
SE Houston (Clear Lake, Webster, Friendswood, League City)

The Fisher Library at the Avenue
Rebekah Hierholzer
Fredericksburg, TX (San Antonio/Austin area)

Lisa may informally lend, Sugar Land/Houston, TX


Living Books Library (SW Virginia)
318 Meadow Dr.
Bristol, VA  24201

Children's Heritage Library
98 Riverview Plantation Dr.
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Wendy's Thotful Spot
6009 Buffalo Ridge Rd
Earlysville, VA  22936


The Kearney Library
Kettle Falls, WA
M'Lynn Kearney

Northwest Living Library
Deanna Knoll
Olympia, WA

(434) 531-7756

Literacy Legacy Library (informally lending)
Katie Levans
Tacoma, WA


Covenant Family Library
Martinsburg, WV


Living Education Library
Kathy Seeger
Edgerton, WI (Southern WI)
Facebook: Living Education Library

Truth and Life Library (Five-in-a-Row totes only, at this time)
Kelly Bond
Madison, WI

(There are other libraries also, but they prefer to be contacted through us, so feel free to send us your inquiry.  We would love to see all youths enjoy the best literature!) 

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