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Michelle Miller Howard

How much time should I allot for each TruthQuest History guide?

The answers to this question are as different as the families using TruthQuest History. Remember, TQH is never your master, only your servant. It is designed to provide you with a steady and secure flow as you progress through your study of history, but it does not presume to tell you what that rate of progress should be. Only the Lord can direct your pace since He alone knows your days, months, and years, the needs of your family, your callings, and your giftings! However, most families find they do one TruthQuest History guide per year, though many have done two or even three in one year! On the other hand, there are those who have had time to bask in an era for even more than a year!

The overall decision about pace will be, in fact, settled by the overall plan you feel led to achieve. How many years do you have left with your child, and how many historical eras do you want him/her to study before graduation? (Most families plan around the needs of the first child to graduate.) Please note that we urge you to make completion of the final guide in the series−Age of Revolution III: America/Europe, 1865-2000−a reality, because it provides crucial preparation for students about to enter the adult world. It prepares them to fully understand the thinking of their future neighbors and co-workers, and to respond effectively with ministering truth. (Detailed information on overall planning can be found in our long-range planning section.)

Just make sure you're not getting bogged down by feminine tendencies toward perfectionism and a tight grip. There is something about us women that says we should go back and do it all again if we haven't done it perfectly, or if our experience doesn't live up to our imagined expectations. But nothing on this earth is ever done perfectly by humans. Then too, there is something about us women that says every history experience should come through us. But we often end up as a bottleneck, especially to our older children who cannot wait until we have time for the 'perfect' homeschool history hour. And, there is something about us women that is afraid to let our older children learn more independently, to let them practice self-government, self-discipline, and goal-achievement while still in our homes. It reminds us of the sad day they'll leave home.

So, just do your best in your history studies, and keep moving forward. Do not go backwards to redo. Do not stagnate by reading too many books (even if you spent good money on them!) on a particular topic. Be sensitive to the needs of your children−not your own needs for imaginary homeschooling perfection. Keep moving ever forward!

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