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Michelle Miller Howard

Is there a teacher's manual? Are there tests, required activities, assignments? Will I know the answers?

"What you've done in TQH is just what I was looking for in terms of getting kids to 'discover' the real consequences of decisions, beliefs, etc. I had been trying to do that on my own, but always felt I still had too much to learn right along with the kids. It's nice to have a trusted guide."
          — J.S., Michigan

Happily, separate teacher manuals aren't needed. Why? Because sample responses (in a teacher’s appendix) to the ThinkWrite exercises, as well as the content of the main commentary in the body of the guide itself will provide you, the teacher, with the necessary insight to capably discuss the spiritual/moral/philosophical issues of history and analyze student responses. The details of history will be gleaned by the kids in their supplemental reading, but that is not crucial for you to know/teach. There is another teacher appendix as well; it is a compiled list of all resources cited in the guide, for your convenience. Brief, conversational, how-to-use instructions are included as a preface. So, the one guide is all you need. In fact, one guide works for the entire family since these are not fill-in-the-blank disposable student workbooks.

"I buy a few activity-type books for the girls to use as they see fit and we do end the study of major historical eras with a period meal, with guests and sometimes costumes, but I really don't want a 'curriculum' filled with activities and supplemental stuff. I just wanted something straightforward and sequential. This is it! TQH is simple and easy to use and thoroughly Christian...Michelle makes me feel almost as if she is sending us on an expedition into history with guidebooks in hand on an assignment to discover historical truth...This is not a secular work seasoned with a spoonful of Christianity. The student is continuously encouraged to examine historical events from a Christian worldview."
     — V.J., Wisconsin

So, what are the ThinkWrite exercises, and why do they make testing unnecessary? They are crucial writing assignments strategically placed throughout the guides to incrementally focus students on the deepest spiritual truths, moral issues, and national consequences. They aren't tests on what has been covered to date, but are rather launching-points for new discovery and discussion (written or oral) that will reveal the students' absorption of the deepest truths (summarized in the appendix.)

To view samples, visit the specific guide of interest on our "Buy/Sample" page, and follow the "Sample" hyperlink. Most samples contain a ThinkWrite exercise. Remember, you will also be talking, talking, talking. In fact, the sample ThinkWrite answers in the appendix of each guide can be read by parents wanting to jumpstart pithy conversations. These are all very natural and relational means of learning! It is a lot like discipling! Walking together, talking together, eating together, learning together, working together…and no multiple-choice tests!

"The flexibility of the guides is so refreshing...because so many of the other homeschooling curricula are activity-driven."
          — R.P., Tennessee

Most TruthQuest History guides contain seven to eleven ThinkWrite exercises. Of course, the guides for young students have fewer and simpler ThinkWrites which can be done orally or in simple writing. Some families break down into sections the larger ThinkWrite exercises in the upper guides, as needed by their children to tackle the assignment.

Conventional testing, then, is not necessary. TruthQuest History families are immersed in the material: talking, reading, playing, making notebooks and timelines, staging skits, etc. Artificial inducements are rarely needed. Some families may devise fun quizzes, but that is optional. You'll have no doubt that your children are learning, and neither will your in-laws! They'll be talking it and playing it all the time!

Daily supplemental activities are not included in TruthQuest History, though we do cite activity books, cookbooks, paper doll books, paper soldier books, and other such resources for families who enjoy them. Instead, we offer you a guided 'float trip' down the river of ancient and western history, and we help your children spend rich hours in the best living books. In fact, many families have found they prefer history without embedded activities: they enjoy an uninterrupted focus on the spiritual issues and don't feel they're 'behind' or 'not doing it all.'

(To see how others use TQH on a daily basis: TruthQuest History Families Share.)

I want to make sure everyone is aware of one thing: TQH actually LISTS hands-on activity books! When I started looking at history programs, I loved the look of TQH but was really excited about hands-on activities, so I began using another program which, it turned out, depended on the same activity books which I later found in TQH anyway. So if you are a mother who is really excited about hands-on activities, it will be an easy to go with TQH just by reading through the guide and highlighting the hands-on resources which Michelle Miller has so ably included.
— J.C., Indiana     

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