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Michelle Miller Howard

Does TruthQuest History also explore philosophy/worldview?

Yes! Absolutely! Since philosophy is an expression of a culture's spiritual Big 2 Beliefs, as is its art, literature, economics, science, government, etc., your students will most definitely understand the world-changing philosophies of each age. This learning is central to our studies! I'll let TruthQuest History users explain in their own words!

"I am simply amazed at the spiritual insight God has given Michelle when it comes to history!"
          — S.A., Tennessee

Karen from Florida says:
"If you want children whose minds are awake and alive to the most vital issues of life (which is what philosophy is about), I don't think you will find anything on the market that will do what TruthQuest History does. I have read a few books that were intended to introduce philosophy to children, and none of them succeeded as well as looking at history through the TQH lens. Holding the Bible up as the absolute standard for truth, and at the same time, encouraging children to ask questions and think about different possible answers – and then to look at the results of the answers in history – is some of the most valuable intellectual training you can give them (and yourself!) TruthQuest History teaches children to ask two basic questions, and to evaluate the answers in light of Scripture. I have been truly impressed with the depth of thinking that this awakens in my children, and my personal studies have shown me that this is the foundation of philosophy: Who is God? Who is Man? (Sometimes--most times! – others ask those questions in reverse order.)"

Suzanne says:
"TruthQuest History is such a wonderful program. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned. I was doing a separate program for our worldview study, and have dropped it. TruthQuest History [could be] subtitled 'worldview.' This is good stuff! Michelle is not only guiding us, she has found a way to encourage us to learn on our own."

Valerie from Wisconsin says:
"This is not a secular work seasoned with a spoonful of Christianity. The student is continuously encouraged to examine historical events from a Christian worldview."

Shona from Australia says:
"I showed the TruthQuest History samples to my father who lectures in cross-cultural communication to Bible College students and is an ex-missionary. He was so impressed at the way the guides teach how to grasp the worldview of a culture by observation of their art, etc. He said this is what missionaries have to do and the great thing is that once you've done it for other cultures, you can begin to do it with your own. What missionary and evangelism training for our kids!"

Karen Glass from Florida, serving as a missionary in Poland says:
"[Other books] allow you to peek at the 'who' and the 'what,' but with TruthQuest History, you look deeper and see 'why.' Michelle has distilled important philosophical inquiry into just two questions that she calls the Big 2 Beliefs: Who is God? Who is man? As you seek out the answers to these questions through the course of study, you get plenty of exposure to the 'whos' and 'whats' and 'whens,' as well."

Cathy from Iowa says:
"We attended a Worldview Weekend...Due to the depth and richness in Michelle's writing, we were well prepared for the speakers. There was so much that was discussed that we had discussed during high school history. It was just unbelievable! When one speaker talked about Voltaire and Rousseau, I turned around and smiled…[My daughter] smiled back and winked. She was getting it and enjoying it! [She] thanked me for teaching her history using the TruthQuest History guides. She saw for herself what few of her peers in the homeschool community have experienced and learned: how it all connects and flows together."

Dawn from Indiana says:
"I kept saying to my husband, "I can't take [history] deeper, because I don't know the questions. When I found TruthQuest History it was like a light in the darkness to me. Suddenly, someone was teaching me the questions. They just weren't the questions I was expecting. They were questions about God, not about who did what…requiring a paradigm shift for me. I love the freedom that this provides me to enjoy my children and homeschooling again. I had been too busy doing school and not taking enough time to learn with my children. Now, we spend our time reading, talking, and delighting in seeing God's hand moving throughout time. TruthQuest History doesn't seem like curriculum as much as it seems like an older, wiser sister in the Lord coming alongside and teaching me, so that I can teach my children."

Elaine from North Carolina says:
"Michelle's guides tie everything together like nothing else ever did. The commentary about worldview took such a pressure off of me to try to figure out ahead of time what to share with my children. Now I can learn right along with them!"

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