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Michelle Miller Howard

What about non-western history?

Due to the depth at which TruthQuest History covers ancient and western history, we do not also take students through non-western history in our guides. We instead focus on the ancient and western streams which have coursed into American and European history; these have most profoundly impacted the nation your student will most likely be operating in upon graduation. This is where deep understanding is most crucial to daily functioning, in most cases.

This is not, however, to say that non-western history is unimportant. But because TruthQuest History does not focus on events, but rather probes the spiritual underpinnings which shaped events, it would take more time than most students have in their school careers to do both eastern and western history to this same depth. And, in all honesty, we do not have an adequate knowledge of eastern religious views to be able to trace their nations' histories in the cause-and-effect context of those ideologies.

Whenever we hear from folks who do want to explore eastern history, we can only mention that TruthQuest History will assist you in this in a minor way, simply by mentioning non-western history at points when it intersects with western history, such as our references to Russia, the Silk Road through Asia, Marco Polo's journey to China, the Boxer Rebellion, Matthew Perry's voyage to Japan, the great eastern and African reach of the Portuguese explorers, David Livingstone in Africa, the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec cultures of Latin America, etc. Of course, much important ancient and medieval history took place in northern Africa. So, you will glimpse other nations, and these intersections can be opportunities for further study of those lands. But if you want an in-depth study of non-western history, another resource would be needed for full support.

“What you said has really caused me to reevaluate my own goals for history in our homeschool, and I've done a lot of thinking.

My husband and I have wanted to teach more than just western history primarily as a guard against our kids growing up with a myopic view of history in which they think that the west, and especially America, is the only really important "player" in the pageant of history. I very much grew up that way.

But in light of what you explained to me last night, teaching other histories/cultures is all fine and good but still misses the mark of seeing that the central character is not the west, or the east, nor any of us... but God. I get it now. And, the world looks different from here. I don't mean to be overly dramatic but this has been a total revelation to me! I have been unsatisfied with studying history from an Americentric perspective, but studying other cultures has not satisfied either. I guess I've been searching for the central character, for the main point, and nothing has set right in my soul until now.

You have truly opened my eyes to something I had never really seen until now.”

– J.S., North Carolina  

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