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Michelle Miller Howard

High School and TruthQuest History: is it enough? How can credits be assigned?

"My daughter is in college and still compares things we had read and discussed in TruthQuest History with what she is being taught at a state university."
     — C.S., Iowa

"It is never too late to switch to TruthQuest History which is, in my opinion, the best set of history guides available."
     — R.P., Tennessee

Whether or not a teen is bound for college, it is essential that he learn the most profound truths of history and be thus prepared to contribute to the world he is inheriting. It is during the crucial teen years that the student finally has the maturity to grasp some of the most important lessons TruthQuest History offers! You can be assured that TruthQuest History is 'waaaaaay' more than enough for even the most studious high schoolers. In fact, at this time, Mrs. Miller's own son is a Junior in the Honor's Program at Hillsdale College, has been on the Dean's List since arriving, and is−unsurprisingly−a history major! His professors have found him well prepared.

"The proverbial question:  is TQH enough for high school history?  Will my student be prepared for college just by reading books and discussing the TQH commentary?  Finally, I have the answer: YES!  This week my son graduates cum laude with a double major in History and Creative Writing.  He was admitted to all the graduate schools to which he applied, seeking a graduate degree in Medieval History.  Now I use TQH to teach a 9th-grade history class at a private Classical Christian school because, in my opinion, there is no comparison of TQH with any other program.  Thanks for creating an amazing, effective, and more than adequate history study that impacted my son's life and future!"
     — K.B., Arkansas

TruthQuest History takes the student into such magnificent depth and breadth that many credits can be registered on a transcript (for those assembling that type of record). We cannot specify exactly how any family will assign those credits because each family emphasizes some topics in TruthQuest History more than others. Some may explore every art history topic; others may explore every topic related to the history of scientific discovery and the worldview which spawned it. Others seize the opportunity to study literature while inside TruthQuest History since TQH attempts to cite the most famous literary works in each historical era, and the student is then meeting these works of literature not in an abstractly clinical sense, but as vivid expressions of the worldview of the culture under study. The literature is then always in the deeply-felt context of the time.

"I have used TruthQuest History with my older son and found it to help us not only understand the times, but also evaluate them in the light of God's Word...which is the point."
     — V.H., Canada

As for government and economics, TruthQuest History speaks a great deal to the undergirding beliefs which created the government and economy of each culture under study. This definitely contributes not only to great wisdom in these areas, but counts toward some credit in these fields of study. Further study is definitely needed to complete a government or economics course, since only the philosophical underpinnings and cultural outcomes are covered in TruthQuest History, but the student has a strong foundation and some progress toward the end goal already!

"We attended a Worldview Weekend...Due to the depth and richness in Michelle's writing, we were prepared for the speakers. There was so much that was discussed that we had discussed during high school history. It was unbelievable! When one speaker talked about Voltaire and Rousseau, I turned around and smiled...[My daughter] smiled back and winked. She was getting it and enjoying it! [She] thanked me for teaching her history using the TruthQuest History guides. She saw for herself what few of her peers in the homeschool community have experienced and learned: how it all connects and flows together."
          — C.S., Iowa
"My 19-year-old said that one of the hardest parts of going away to college was missing our history reading, and my 17-year-old who is doing college classes this year had to wean himself off of it by having me record it for him to listen to at bedtime.  Many nights I would read to them from the hallway while they were each in their beds.  TQH is definitely what made the precious memories possible.  "
  — L.C.

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