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Michelle Miller Howard

Is TruthQuest History useful for non-Americans?

Families in many nations around the world use TQH, since the histories of Egypt, Greece, Rome, the European Middle Ages (500-1400) and Renaissance & Reformation (1400-1600) are of interest to us all.

The remainder of Europe's history is covered in our "Age of Revolution" guides, which consists of three volumes covering various sections of the years between 1600-2000. These "Age of Revolution" guides also cover the simultaneous American history of the same era, in an approximately 50-50 ratio.

While non-Americans surely needn't learn details of American history, you may remember that the focus of TruthQuest History is never on details. It is on spiritual shifts which have occurred during the centuries—such as church movements, Darwinism, socialism, and secularism—and these same shifts have occurred in other nations, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand too. Therefore, some non-Americans use the American portion of the "Age of Revolution" guides by inserting details of their own nation's story into discussions of the general tendencies. And we can all look back to the common roots of these issues in European history, and thus TQH often points to results in various nations which were European offspring, such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Canadians and Americans share an even more similar history, with the same English and French colonization, Indian issues, industrial revolution, westward expansion, rush for gold, immigrant influx, role in World War I and II, etc. And even though Canadian figures are usually discussed in TQH only when they overlap with American events—as during the French & Indian War, American Revolution, and War of 1812—the American sections of the "Age of Revolution" guides can at least cue Canadian families to study their own version of such events, as well as give spiritual insight to said study.

It is our hope that non-Americans have national materials for an in-depth study of their own history; that would be ideal. TruthQuest History is always happy, though, to at least serve these families in their study of European history and the spiritual trends which have affected all of western civilization. These are important lessons!

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