Story of Mankind   Jesus Christ
Michelle Miller
Age of Revolution I (US/Europe, 1600-1800)
"Spine" Resources
PLEASE NOTE that TruthQuest History does not require the use of any "spine" resources, as innumerable topic-specific books, such as can be found at a library, are cited in each section of the TruthQuest History guides. However, we have been asked to also include pertinent citations to the most popular "spine" resources (so-called because they provide thorough, narrative coverage of the entire period) by families who enjoy having a "spine" on hand for times when they are unable to find topic-specific resources. Those choosing to use a spine, usually select just one for their entire family, unless the children are spaced at vastly differing comprehension levels. Thus, if you decide to use a spine, please think of purchasing just one, and do try to avoid "overkill" or "stealing the thunder" of the wonderful supplemental books you'll want your children to enjoy, which bring so much adventure to the learning of history. (Please note that we do not sell any spine resources, as they are not at all necessary to the use of TruthQuest History.) We also list here some of the "general resources" cited frequently, either because we consider them to be important (they are so noted) or because we have been asked to include them. Please remember, though, that TruthQuest History can be used with whichever resources are available to you. God does provide! Comprehensive spines, which provide thorough narrative coverage of the entire period:
  • Story of the Thirteen Colonies and Story of the Great Republic, by H.A. Guerber (Gr. 3-7)
  • This Country of Ours and Island Story, by H.E. Marshall (Gr. 3-8)
  • Story of Liberty and Sweet Land of Liberty, by Charles Coffin (Gr. 6-12)
  • (The last chapter or two of Story of Liberty are cited in this guide; the other chapters were cited in preceding guides. It is not necessary to purchase the book if using it for just these two chapters, though it has powerful things to say about the preceding period. The sequel, Sweet Land of Liberty, is not as important to read, as it focuses more on the narrative coverage that is available through other sources.)
  • Basic History of the United States: Volume 1 & 2, by Clarence Carson (Gr. 12+)
  • (This contains important ideas, but is a challenging read for all but advanced students.)
General resources, which either: 1) cover world history by making key points about multiple periods or by offering a brief summary of each, or 2) discuss selected events of significance in the period:
  • Light and the Glory for Children and From Sea to Shining Sea for Children, by Peter Marshall & David (Gr. 1-5)
  • (Some enjoy this book's attempt to see God's hand in history; others do not.)
  • Story of the World: Volume 3, by Susan Wise Bauer (Gr. 3-6)
  • (We've been asked to cite this due to its global scope; others concerned about worldview; let Scripture reign.)
  • Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History, by Richard Hannula (Gr. 5-12)
  • Light and the Glory and From Sea to Shining Sea, by Peter Marshall & David Manuel (Gr. 6-12)
  • (Some enjoy this book's attempt to see God's hand in history; others do not.)
  • How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer [book or video format] (Gr. 9-12)
  • (One of the most important resources you will ever use! Highly significant and highly recommended! It will also thus be cited throughout the remainder of the TruthQuest History series. The video series is in many church libraries.)

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