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Michelle Miller Howard
Upgrade Instructions
— & Detailed List of Changes to Each Guide

Thank you for your patience during the revision process. All guides are now in their final format! Yeah!

We have found that our revisions have made some customers feel frustrated during the transition. Please know that our intention was just the opposite. We have offered up a vast amount of time to make these guides more helpful; that is our heart and that is the reason for our discounted upgrade offer.

If you would like information on how to upgrade older versions, please read Section I. If you would like to determine whether or not you need to upgrade, please read Section II and III. Please refer first to this information and then email us directly at with any further questions. Hopefully, you will find all the information you need right here!

Christian Curriculum God's Truth

I. Want to upgrade to the new versions – which do indeed make using TruthQuest History much easier and bring additional depth to your studies – at a discount? (Please note that this upgrade offer is available only directly from TruthQuest History; we cannot ask our vendors to participate in such a complicated endeavor.)
  1. Remove cover from old guide(s)
  2. Destroy remainder of guide (honor system!)
  3. Choose method of payment (see details below)
  4. Mail cover(s), along with your name and address, to TruthQuest History:
        526 W 14th St., Suite 161, Traverse City, MI, 49684
  I a. Payment Details
    Cost of upgraded guides is $8.00 less than the new retail price (see Section Ib). We now ask that all upgrade purchases be made through our website ( since the new site individually determines shipping rates by customer zip code. The website can handle payment by check/money order, credit/debit cards, or PayPal. Do not worry that the website can charge only full price, because we will mail you a check for your upgrade discount when we receive your detached covers by mail. Please be certain to include your name and address with the old covers, so you can get your return check!
  I b. March 2006 Pricing--Full Retail
(Deduct $8.00 per guide to determine discounted upgrade cost.)
    $24.95 Ancient Greece
    $24.95 Ancient Rome
    $24.95 Middle Ages
    $24.95 Renaissance/Reformation
    $29.95 Age of Revolution I (America/Europe, 1600-1800)
    $29.95 Age of Revolution II (America/Europe, 1800-1865)
    $34.95 Age of Revolution III (America/Europe, 1865-2000)
    $24.95 American History for Young Students I (Exploration-1800)
    $24.95 American History for Young Students II (1800-1865)
    $29.95 American History for Young Students III (1865-2000)
Christian Curriculum God's Truth
II. Many changes have been made to the TruthQuest History series in general. They are described in this section. The changes made to each specific guide will be discussed in the next section.
  II a. The EXTERIOR of the guides
  • New covers! Full-color, professional design on heavier, coated stock!
  • No more comb-bindings! We now have real spirals!
  II b. MERGES in the SERIES
    1. "Dark Ages" and "High Middle Ages" are now "Middle Ages."
    2. "Age of Revolution I" and "Age of Revolution II" are now "Age of Revolution I."
    The merging of Age of Revolution I and II means that the old Age of Rev III is now Age of Rev II, and the old Age of Rev IV is now Age of Rev III. Why was this confusing change made? Believe it or make things easier for families simultaneously using "Age of Rev" guides for their older students and "American History for Young Students" guides for their young students. The years and numbers in the two series now match up, as charted below!
Grades 5-12: Grades 1-5:
Age of Revolution I (1600-1800) American History I (Exploration-1800)
Age of Revolution II (1800-1865) American History II (1800-1865)
Age of Revolution III (1865-2000) American History III (1865-2000)
    As you know, we began revisions (many of them based on your feedback and suggestions) as soon as we finished writing the original versions. That process is now complete. What do these revisions generally involve? Good question!
  • Commentary has been massively rewritten. More flow. More depth.
  • Organized format, including numbered sections and subsections of text, and a correlating Table of Contents.
  • More in-print book recommendations. It is now easier for you to find books at your public library. Keep in mind, though, that I know less about these books. My expertise is out-of-print literature which is still fully included in the booklists.
  • Inclusion of in-print 'spines' (narrative history books which cover an entire era for families that like to use spines). Which ones? In addition to the previously cited spines, we now also include the H.A. Guerber series, the H.E. Marshall series (This Country of Ours and Island Story), and the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer.
  • More classical authors are cited and we cite Bluedorn's Ancient History 
from Primary Sources.
Christian Curriculum God's Truth
III. Specific Listing of Changes in Each Guide
  Do you want to know if you have the latest and greatest contents? Here's the status of each:
  • Egypt/Greece

If you have an “Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece” guide with numbered sections and a Table of Contents, you have a guide that is workable, because the “Ancient Greece” component was expanded/updated at the very same time that we created the Table of Contents.  But earlier Egypt/Greece guides, which did not have a Table of Contents, are obsolete; they do not include the significant changes to our study of Greek history.  Thus, if you have a pre-Table of Contents guide, you should definitely upgrade to our current version, but if you have a version that does include a Table of Contents, it will work just fine. 

Please note that, as of July 2011, this guide comes as “Ancient Greece” only.  Since the Greek history was 99% of the content of the former “Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece” guide, there is no real loss (and you can always use the mini-unit on Ancient Egypt from the otherwise obsolete version, if desired).  This change occurred when we introduced “TruthQuest History: Beginnings.”  This new guide covers Creation, the Old Testament, other ancient cultures such as Mesopotamia, and….Ancient Egypt.  The Egyptian history naturally fits into this time period, so we expanded the mini-unit on Ancient Egypt which was formerly offered in the front of our Egypt/Greece guide, and moved it into our “Beginnings” guide.  So, if starting your history study with “Beginnings,” and then using a workable “Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece” guide that you may have found, just skip the mini-unit on Ancient Egypt in the front of it, because you would have already covered the Egyptian history inside of “Beginnings.” 

  • Rome
    If you have a guide with numbered sections and a Table of Contents, you have a guide that is almost exactly like the guide is today. Only minor changes have been made subsequently. However, there have been a great deal of changes to the commentary and the number of topics covered before the guide went into its new format. Thus, if you have a pre-Table of Contents guide, you should definitely upgrade. If you have a Table of Contents, your guide is either the latest version, or very near it.
  • Middle Ages (500-1400)
    Because this guide was completely rewritten at the same time the new covers were made, around the beginning of March 2004, ALL medieval guides without our new, full-color covers are obsolete. The new version is 99.9% rewritten and greatly expanded in coverage and content. It even has a new spiritual theme. Thus, it is well worth upgrading if you have an old version. If you have EITHER 'Dark Ages' OR 'High Middle Ages' you can upgrade to our new 'Middle Ages' guide at the discounted price. But if you have both, I would appreciate receiving both detached covers, because I really want to see the old copies disappear!
  • Renaissance/Reformation (1400-1600)
    The commentary in this guide was 95% rewritten in early December 2003. The revision is quite different, thus it is well worth upgrading if you have an old version. During the spring of 2005, we added citations to the new Renaissance/Reformation spine by Christine Miller/H.A. Guerber. A file with those additions is on the File page of this discussion loop at Please note that minor alterations were made to the order of topics, and a few new topics were added, so that the Miller/Guerber book was more easily incorporated into the TruthQuest History guide. The new Table of Contents can be seen on our website ( Please note that Christine Miller and Michelle Miller Howard are not related.
  • Age of Revolution I (America/Europe, 1600-1800)
    This guide is a merging of the former 'Age of Rev I' and 'Age of Rev II' guides. An extremely massive revision and expansion of this guide was released on June 1, 2005. All earlier versions are totally obsolete and should be upgraded. If you have EITHER the old 'Age of Revolution I: 1600-1700' or the old 'Age of Revolution II: 1700-1800' you may upgrade to our new 'Age of Revolution I: 1600-1800' guide at the discounted price. But if you have both, I would appreciate receiving both detached covers, because I really want to see the old copies disappear!
  • Age of Revolution II (America/Europe, 1800-1865)
    This is the former 'Age of Rev III' guide. It has not undergone dramatic revision since its inception, but was mildly revised in March 2005 to utilize our new, more-organized format and to include citations to the Guerber spines, the H.E. Marshall spines, and Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. The booklists were greatly updated to include the most current children's literature as well (this has been done to all the guides), and there was some expanding and refining of the commentary. The File section of our homepage at shows some of these spine additions. The new guide is definitely easier to use, and it coordinates better with "American History for Young Students II," but it is not crucial that you upgrade since the meat of the commentary has not dramatically altered.
  • Age of Revolution III (America/Europe, 1865-2000)
    This is the former 'Age of Rev IV' guide. No content changes have been made because this guide was originally released in the new format and depth of commentary we are now using. The only change has been the inclusion of the few spine references in the Guerber and H.E. Marshall books which pertain to this era, and those may be listed in the Files section of our group's homepage at
  • American History for Young Students I (Exploration-1800)
    This guide was 99% rewritten in early May 2003. Of course, it has the new format as well, with numbered sections and a Table of Contents. It underwent another mild change in topic order around June 1, 2005 so that it better coordinated with the newly-revised "Age of Revolution I." If you have a copy without a Table of Contents, you really should upgrade.
  • American History for Young Students II (1800-1865)
    This guide underwent minor revisions in mid-July, 2004. Unlike our other revisions, the changes are not critical. Most families will not consider it necessary to upgrade. It now has numbered sections and a corresponding Table of Contents, and cites the Guerber spines, the H.E. Marshall spines, and Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. It also includes more in-print reading recommendations, but the commentary in this guide has not changed much; the meat is still the same.
  • American History for Young Students III (1865-2000)
    This guide was originally released in our new format and with a new depth of commentary. The only additions have been the citations to the few pertinent chapters in the Guerber and H.E. Marshall spines, Those additions have been posted on the Files page at our group's homepage at, for those who would like to make note of them in their original version.
Christian Curriculum God's Truth
IV. In Closing...
  What you are doing with your students as you probe history deeply and spiritually is truly phenomenal! I'm so excited about the potential for change in this world that will come from your children!

Thank you for your continued support!

In Him,

Michelle Miller Howard
TruthQuest History
526 W 14th St., Suite 161
Traverse City, MI 49684
God's Love
Christian Curriculum