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Michelle is a veteran home-educator, author, columnist, speaker, consultant, and founder/operator of two large "living books" libraries ( in Michigan & in Florida). TruthQuest History was born from her own yearning to teach deep truth through history to her children/teens, and from her work with the many families who learn through her libraries. She is available to give private consultations on implementing TQH for a family's unique offspring, or other home-education issues, and she also aids those founding "living book" libraries, or wanting access to her "living books" database, at Michelle's children are now grown, but she has seven cute grandsons!

Our focus is on Him, not on our own ideas. It is all about the Lord! We want to find out what He has to say!

The triune God is supreme Lord: governing Father; sinless, immaculate Son, and teaching/convicting Holy Spirit.  Only the perfect blood of Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth, and Life, as shared in the inspired, infallible Bible.  TruthQuest History trumpets basics of the faith, while families teach their individual views on other issues such as predestination, eschatology, etc.

Statement of Faith

Parents, remember our school days when “History class” was merely the “deeds and dates of dead people,” so felt boring and forgettable?  In truth, everything starts with our Lord God, so History is actually the mighty story of His creation, declarations, and actions!  God initiates and people respond…so history happens.  Truth-revealing history is no mere recitation of the past therefore, but actively prepares your learners for present and future!

Mission Statement

Are WE...

 Pre/Mid/Post Tribulation? 


Believers that America is replacing Israel?

A Particular Denomination? 


 Users of only King James Version?  


Believers in Eternal Security?  


 Pro-North or Pro-South? 


 Arminian or Reformed?  


 Catholic or Protestant? 


Young earth or old earth? 

Our answer to all these questions is three-fold:

1. It doesn't matter what TQH thinks. We aren’t dictating theology. Our focus is together seeking            the Lord and what He says!


2. We’re here to organize and energize your journey into the bedrock basics of God's truth as displayed over millennia of history. This keeps you at the helm, free to teach your children/teens your biblical views on wider matters.


3. We humans are finite, seeing only part, while He sees the whole. We’ve found that many debates are simply parties seeing various facets of the whole truth. Thus, we ask the Lord to teach us the "big picture,” and we embark on that quest for His truth with you! For example, God saw both "Northern" and "Southern" viewpoints, knowing where each was right, and where each fell short of the whole counsel of God. He was there, after all! Likewise, when considering the earth’s age, we can inquire of its Creator. What a privilege that we can always go right to the source!

Our focus is singular: getting our thoughts on history, philosophy, government, economics, art, etc., aligned with His Perfect, Whole, Living, Unchanging Truth, and we do that together as TQH families.  Let’s dig in!

God Initiates
People Respond
History Happens
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