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Spine Resources

Because there are varying editions of some "spine" resources (reference books) cited in TruthQuest History, we have been asked by those who choose to use spines (they are not "required") to give detailed information about the actual edition used in creating TQH's citations. You can compare your copy—if it differs—and quickly locate the correct passage, because here you can see the actual chapter title that goes with the chapter number cited in TruthQuest History. The chapter titles are usually quite similar in different editions, unlike the numbering. We are glad to help in this way!

How can this information serve you most effectively?

  1. We have not here listed all the spines cited in TruthQuest History, but only those which we know or suspect to have differing editions. Most of these books are older "classics," so have been reprinted by several publishers, and even updates from the same publisher may alter chapter numbering.

  2. Please note that chapter names do not always reference all the items included in a chapter; other topics may be included, and it may be these to which we refer.

  3. Important notes about each "spine" will not be duplicated here. Please see your actual TruthQuest History guide for such information.

  4. To keep this page easy to read and because various spines are referenced in multiple TruthQuest History guides, we will simply show the cited spines in alphabetical order. Please navigate to the "spine" of interest, then click on the link to open a PDF of the Table of Contents in the version we used when referencing it.

  5. Lastly, please bear with the "lumpiness" of the scans. You are seeing the actual "Table of Contents" from the bound book, so it doesn't sit squarely on the scanner face. (Please remember that the actual "spines" are copyrighted. We only share the Table of Contents here because those are almost always made public on the publisher's website and because this is an educational application. The actual spines need to be purchased properly.) Enjoy!

Book of Ancient Greeks  -  Dorothy Mills (Putnam, 1925)
Book of Ancient Romans - Dorothy Mills (Putnam, 1925)
Child's History of Art - V.M Hillyer (Appleton-Century, 1951)
Child's History of the World - V.M HIllyer (Appleton-Century, 1924)
From Sea to Shining Sea for Children - (Revell, 1993)

Greenleaf's Famous Men of Greece - Shearers (GL, 1989)
Greenleaf's Famous Men of Rome - Shearers (GL, 1989)
Greenleaf's Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Shearers (GL, 1989)
Greenleaf's Famous Men of the Renaissance, Shearer (GL, 2000)
Island Story - H.E. Marshall (Fredrick Stokes, 1920)
Light and the Glory for Children - (Revell, 1992)
Middle Ages - Dorothy Mills (Putnam, 1935)
Renaissance and Reformation Times - Dorothy Mills (Putnam, 1939)
Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children - (Revell, 1999)
Story of Liberty - Charles Coffin (Maranatha, 1987)
Story of the Ancient World - C. Miller and Guerber (NNP, 2002)
Story of the Great Republic - H.A. Guerber (NNP, 2002)
Story of the Greeks - H.A. Guerber (NNP, 2001)
Story of the Middle Ages - C. Miller and Guerber (NNP, 2002)
Story of the Romans - H.A. Guerber (NNP, 2001)
Story of Renaissance and Reformation - C. Miller (NNP, 2004)
Story of the Thirteen Colonies - H.A Guerber (NNP, 2002)
Story of the World VOL. 1 - Susan Wise Bauer (Peace Hill, 2001)
Story of the World VOL. 2 - Susan Wise Bauer (Peace Hill, 2002)
Sweet Land of Liberty - Charles Coffin (Maranatha, year unknown)
This Country of Ours - H.E. Marshall (Doran, 1917)

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