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AJTL Notebook for TQH: Beginnings (PDF)

AJTL Notebook for TQH: Beginnings (PDF)


Our Notebooking Pages are another way for your child to record learned information. You will find a notebooking page for most topics in the TruthQuest History program. Simply read about the topic of study, then have your child express their learning on the notebook page. Once the notebook is completed, your child can share his/her new-found knowledge with family and friends, as well as have a personal keepsake! You can look back over the year to see your child's growth in language usage, penmanship, and creativity. (Recommended for grades 1 and up, depending on child's writing ability).

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks has teamed up with TruthQuest History to bring your child an exciting, hands-on enhancement of the TruthQuest History program. For each TruthQuest History book, you will have the option for your child to do an AJTL Binder-Builder TM, Map/Timeline/Report Package, and/or Notebooking Pages.


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