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AJTL Binder-Builder for TQH: Beginnings (PDF)

AJTL Binder-Builder for TQH: Beginnings (PDF)


The AJTL Binder-Builder is like a fancy lapbook. It provides loads of mini-booklets for your child to cut out, fold, glue, and record learned information. We show you how to store your mini-booklets so that at the end of the study, your child has a beautiful notebook binder to show friends and family. (For Grades 1 and up.)

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks has teamed up with TruthQuest History to bring your child an exciting, hands-on enhancement of the TruthQuest History program. For each TruthQuest History book, you will have the option for your child to do an AJTL Binder-Builder TM, Map/Timeline/Report Package, and/or Notebooking Pages.


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